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What is Your USP?

This might seem like the simplest question or it could send your brain into a spin about all of the various products and services that your business offers and how they all relate to each other and how are they any different to all the other companies out there doing the same thing.

Well, if you’re in the latter group you’ll be pleased to know that every business has a Unique Sales Proposition (USP), woohoo! You may also be pleased to know that your USP doesn’t have to be that you do X better than anyone else in the world or you make Y faster than all your competitors. Your USP as a statement, needs to bring together the key aspects of your business into one easy to remember, actionable value proposition.

Now, this isn’t the same as your company’s purpose or your vision but it should embody elements of both in a way that makes your potential customers able to quickly understand what you can help them with and how you would be able to do it.

How do you know if your USP is clear?

Are people buying your products, using your services or getting in touch with you to ask for your help? If not, then the chances are that your message isn’t quite hitting the spot. 

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with your business model or the idea behind your company but it does mean that you have some work to do in refining your offering to the point where it’s so clear that someone else could easily sell your products for you.

Also, think about how long it takes you to explain what you do. Could you explain it in three sentences? How about two? One? The clearer your USP is in your mind, the easier it will be for you to explain and the more likely people will be able to find you when they need your services.

Do Your Clients Know Your USP?

If you’ve been in business for a while but you’re unsure of what your USP is, then think about your clients. What do they come to you for? You’re the first person they think of when they need what?

If you don’t know the answer then this could be a great time for you to reach out and talk to them to get a different perspective of what issues they feel like you solved for them and how that relates to your other clients.

 At the intersection of your clients’ issues is where you’ll find your USP. Then you can take your solution, turn it into your core message and reach out to a new audience and easily catch their attention.

Why do you need a USP?

You don’t. You could try 100 different messages on 100 different audiences and see if anything sticks. Chances are you might get a couple of people interested, a handful if you’re really lucky. But if you do happen to get someone interested, it has the potential to cause you more harm than good because then you’ll end up stuck in the loop of hoping that something you’re doing will work every time you put yourself out there.

Instead, you could take the time to properly understand your audience, listen to their problems and their needs and then craft your message to highlight your USP in such a way that drives your potential clients into action.

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