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Discover the personality behind your business

5 Simple Questions
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This quiz is just a bit of fun but we use these questions and more to help determine the personality of any new business we work with. 

Does the personality of your business connect with your customers and clients?

Do your customers and clients expect your products and services to be connected with that personality type?

These are all things you should consider to help you attract more customers to your business.

Bold or Subtle?

Light or Dark?

Colourful or Monochrome?

Fun or Formal?

Rough or Smooth?

What Classic Movie Character is Your Brand?
Doc Emmet Brown

Bold | Light | Colourful | Fun | Rough - Well, maybe just rough around the edges but you'll always be the star of the show!
Vito Corleone

Subtle | Dark | Monochrome | Formal | Smooth - Don't worry, this combination doesn't always mean deadly but it does look slick!
Forrest Gump

Subtle | Light | Colourful | Fun | Rough - You might not be the smoothest in every situation but people will warm to you.

Bold | Dark | Monochrome | Formal | Smooth - With this combo you should stand out for all the RIGHT reasons!

Bold | Dark | Colourful | Fun | Rough - Maybe an unusual combination for some but you know your crowd and they know the real you.

Subtle | Light | Monochrome | Formal | Smooth - You've got an air of distinction but you'd never shout about it and you don't have to.
Star Lord

Bold | Light | Colourful | Fun | Rough - Loud and proud and don't you know it but always fun to be around.

Subtle | Dark | Colourful | Formal | Smooth - You might not let people in easily but your true colours shine through regardless.
Ron Burgundy

Bold | Light | Colourful | Formal | Rough - You always get people's attention, even if you occasionally say the wrong thing!
James Bond

Subtle | Dark | Monochrome | Fun | Smooth - People might not notice you immediately but you're always there when they need you.
Ferris Bueller

Bold | Light | Colourful | Fun | Smooth - You jump in with a bang, lighten the mood and always know just what to say to get a smile!
Lisbeth Salander

Subtle | Dark | Monochrome | Formal | Rough - You're not everyone's friend but you get the job done, even if your methods can be a bit unconventional.
Big Lebowski

Subtle | Dark | Colourful | Fun | Rough - You might seem quiet at first but once people get to know you, that's when they get to see your fun side.
Indiana jones

Bold | Light | Monochrome | Formal | Smooth - You're happy to take a risk but you do it in a calm, calculated manner that pays dividends in the end.
Wednesday Adams

Bold | Dark | Monochrome | Fun | Rough - People want to be on your good side, if they can find it. If not, you'll let them know!
Rose DeWitt Bukater

Subtle | Light | Colourful | Formal | Smooth - You don't need to shout about your effortless style. People see you and they want to be like you...or at least liked by you.
John McClane

Bold | Light | Monochrome | Formal | Rough - You'll do what it takes to get the job done and take a bullet along the way for those you care about!
The Bride (Kill Bill)

Subtle | Dark | Colourful | Fun | Smooth - They might not see you coming and they might not know who you are but they'll know where you've been!

Bold | Light | Colourful | Formal | Smooth - You get noticed for all the right reasons. People like to have you around, whatever the occasion.

Subtle | Dark | Monochrome | Fun | Rough - Your sleek style sometimes covers up the fun side behind but it could just pop out when they least expect it!

Subtle | Light | Monochrome | Fun | Rough - You're always there to lighten the mood or help a friend out and not afraid to get your hands dirty.

Bold | Dark | Colourful | Formal | Smooth - You're the boss and people know it but you pull it off with style and finesse.
Bilbo Baggins

Subtle | Light | Colourful | Formal | Rough - You don't like to stand out too much but you'll step up when needed, especially if it's to help out a friend.
Jules Winnfield

Bold | Dark | Monochrome | Fun | Smooth - You have perfected the balance of being seen and being stylish with an effortless appeal.
Amélie Poulain

Subtle | Light | Colourful | Fun | Smooth - You may appear quiet at first but your personality and style shines through.
Gladiator / Maximus

Bold | Dark | Monochrome | Formal | Rough - People feel your presence without you having to shout about it...but you will do, if required.

Bold | Dark | Colourful | Formal | Rough - You wear your personality like a badge of honour and if anyone questions it, you'll politely explain where they can go.
Dread Pirate Roberts

Subtle | Light | Monochrome | Formal | Smooth - Your charm feels effortless and fitting in any situation and you lighten the mood when needed with your quick wit.
Harry Potter

Bold | Dark | Colourful | Fun | Smooth - You're the first to step up to a challenge and you pull it off with a smile on your face and a friend by your side.
Katniss Everdeen

Subtle | Light | Monochrome | Formal | Rough - You're there when people need you and you're prepared to get your hands dirty if necessary.
Mickey Mouse

Bold | Light | Monochrome | Fun | Smooth - You stand out and get seen, lighten the mood and fit right in all at the same time.
May Day

Subtle | Dark | Colourful | Formal | Rough - You keep new people at arms length but let your true colours shine through for all to see, even if that does ruffle a few feathers.

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