5 Minute Brand Guide

Get to know your business from your brand in 5 minutes or less.​

Who needs a brand?

Branding is for everyone, from the freelancer looking to land their first paid gig, to global corporations wanting to secure the future of the company.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, then you’ve either just started out or you own a business and you’re trying to work out how to grow it. How do you know if branding is the right way to go? How do you get from starting a business to building a brand? 

Your brand isn’t just a list of services or products that people know you sell. Your brand is the feeling that people get when they interact with you or your business. Think about the last person you spoke to. What would they say about you? What would you like them to say about you? Branding is making sure the answer to these two questions is the same every time someone comes in to contact with your company.

What's in a name?

Coming up with a name for your business that you your friends, your family, your neighbours and your dog all like can feel like an endless task and does it even matter? Do you need a unique or unusual name for your business and will it affect your brand? 

Well, you can call your company whatever you like (within reason) and it won’t affect your brand. It is what you do with your business that creates, reinforces and builds your brand over time. 

There are some situations where it can be helpful to have an unusual or unique name. For example to help differentiate your business from your competitors online or if your name is particularly memorable but don’t let that stop you from choosing something classic, there are plenty of other ways to stand out from the crowd.

Brand values vs business value

To really help your brand succeed and surpass expectations, you need to create a set of brand values that your business lives by and that feeds into everything you do. If you’re already in business, you may have these, they just might not be clearly defined yet. This is crucial to your brand because it connects your business to your customers and if executed consistently (as it should be), will turn your customers into advocates and drive more people to connect with you.

That’s not to be confused with your business value – that is the perceived value of any products or services that you offer to your customers, paid or free. That’s right, just because you’re giving it away for free doesn’t mean that it adds value to the people you’re offering it to. You need to make sure that every time someone interacts with your business, they feel like it has added value to them.


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